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Three days in Odessa

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Three Days in Odessa Glafira Tarkhanova ("Defects and their fans"), Ksenia Kuznetsova ("Alexander Garden"), Olga Pogodina ("Women's intuition") in the military adventure detective Alexei Pimanova "Three Days in Odessa". Main characters Alex and Tatiana Kazarin go on vacation and find themselves in another detective story. At this time, the state security organs are waiting for the arrival in Odessa, a dangerous criminal named accountant, who, according to operative data, works in the MGB, and hunts for the filing of the Romanian secret police, where, allegedly, the number of his name. Resting on the beach, the couple meets a classmate Kazarin Lesha Vlad, who also is seeking records. There is a suspicion that the card file is hidden by the main authority in Odessa - Misha virtuoso. Random beach Vlad meets a young Maya - the most beautiful girl in Odessa, as calls her Lesch. Vlad fascinated. At the next meeting, Vlad brought photos of family members virtuoso. Vlad, who insisted on destroying the entire family Virtuosi, sees photos Mayi-niece. Before the assault remains a matter of hours. Vlad and Alex get into the mansion for virtuosos, and implored Maya to escape, but the girl adamant she will not leave my uncle.
Date Added: 04/22/2013 by Kazak
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