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Salon Kitty

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Masquerading as an essay on decadence and Fascism, this predictably speculative slice of Nazi sex is aimed squarely at the box-office. Brass says his film is about 'denuding power', a thesis which he pursues with cretinous earnestness: mostly Nazis spend time stripping off in a brothel bugged by the SS. Helmut Berger stalks through this 'Cabaret' playing the Snow Queen, hiding his glacial passions beneath increasingly outrageous haute couture Nazi uniforms. A dreary love story gives the film a supposedly decent core, but the camera's gaze is firmly fixed elsewhere at the climax: Helmut's final piece of upstaging is to have himself gunned down in the shower, naked saved for Swastika wristbands.
Date Added: 04/16/2013 by Lolita
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