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Erotic Lounge CD 3. Sensual Passion (2xCD)
[Audio CD]


Erotic Lounge: They're half right. It's lounge music, but I wouldn't describe it as erotic. This is a nice collection of mostly instrumental, jazzy lounge music. The only problem is that they've packaged it is as being sensual and erotic. One disc is called Quick and Dirty, while the other is Slow and Lazy. Combine this with the softcore pic on the cover of a lady's legs, high heels and undies coming off, and the message is clear. But when I put the CDs in, it just seemed like your average lounge music with lots of drum machine and synthesizer tracks. And the Quick and Dirty disc is neither quick or dirty. I wouldn't call it sexually charged at all.
Date Added: 04/19/2013 by Babajana
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