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Erotic Lounge CD 4. Bare Jewels (2xCD)
[Audio CD]


"Lounge" is a term often over-used in compilations these days. Some people wil slap that label on anything with a beat (that's not hard trance) or anything remotely soft (New Age/meditative or World music is NOT necessarily 'lounge' or 'chill.')

But in the case of this collection - they actually have labeled and named it correctly!

As for the "Erotic" portion, these CD's will definitely help with the right person(s) in the room ... just like listening to Barry White by yourself - in a blizzard - inside a Greyhound bus station in Fairbank, Alaska may not help you much, these CD's deliver on the promise of great 'lounge' music - the rest is up to you :-)

There are four in the series so far. They are all excellent with only a few tracks not up to par on each set so you can't really go wrong but there are differences.

EROTIC LOUNGE: The first is the softest of them all with lots of minimalist lounge. A perfect CD to end your evening or the first CD in the morning.

EROTIC LOUNGE - DELUXE EDITION: It's exactly what a 'lounge' CD should be - full of chill beats backed by light jazz beats or bossa nova-like beats. If anyone wants to know what 'lounge' should sound like - this CD pretty much encapsulates what it should be.

EROTIC LOUNGE - SENSUAL PASSION: Along with great 'lounge' tracks, they pick up a beat a bit with tracks that go into trance chill or trip hop - again, all tasteful, fun and aptly cool. On the slightly exotica tracks, they veer from bossa nova to light samba.

EROTIC LOUNGE - BARE JEWELS: This is the least lounge of the collection with most tracks really more trip hop, light trance or melodic acid jazz - nothing wrong with - still a great collection of tracks - just so you know exactly what you're getting.

So whatever the mood you want to set - from 'lounge' where you can easily converse over the instrumental tracks to tracks that will get you in the mood for a fun samba or tracks to lead to you to the bedroom - they're all here. Pick and choose or get them all - you can't go wrong with this series, so far, they're all great.
Date Added: 04/22/2013 by Manuchar Machaidze
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