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Erotic Lounge CD 1 (2xCD)
[Audio CD]


This Erotic Lounge (Deluxe Edition) was borrowed from my friend the other day, as I wanted something sexy to listen to, and she recommended me to this CD.

It sounds kinky, but its not really, actually. The front cover is pretty interesting. It is a picture of a woman standing with just her midriffs showing and her bikini bottom. It is a sexy and sensual picture for a cover, and certainly befits the title, in my opinion. Enough about the cover. Now the tracks.

Upon hearing the first song, titled, Second to None, its sort of upbeat and with a good nice tempo. Theres tracks like Lover Uncovered, by Marcus Begg, First Time Experiences by Emo and other suggestive titles. It is by far, the most sexiest track Ive ever heard, and I was practically humming with the songs, as they are all pretty catchy. The genre is R&B, and the subgenre is dance.

This is definitely not suitable for lovers wanting to hear some nice romantic tracks. As it is mostly for making out type of songs, that first love thrysts, and etc. It can be considered for those open minded sorts, and be warned, you could get horny after hearing to the tracks inside. Its definitely not for kids and the elderly.
Date Added: 04/17/2013 by Tony
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