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Chabuka Amiranashvili - Georgian Dancing Melodies
[Audio CD]


Georgia is like some lost civilization that still exists. And the music from this obscure country is a revelation of the highest order. Chabuka Amiranashvili composes soundtracks as well. But this is traditional dance music with take no prisoners Middle Eastern percussion, rockin' accordions, duduk flutes and a modern bass guitar.

It's hard to believe how intensely wild and tuneful this Georgian Dance music is. If you are a fan of music like Gogol Bordello or the Ukrainians this is the next step. Dance numbers like Mtiuluri, Osuri-Apkhazuri-Kartuli or Juta are beyond my ability to praise enough highly. A high majority of these dances are blissfully cookin' and 100% joyful in the deepest sense. Samani is like Georgian spaghetti Western fare. The "remix" was unnecessary. And track 10 is bit too slick. But the high quality of everything else here simply wipes out any criticisms.

Georgian Dance music is notable for incredibly fast and abrupt changes of tempo and tune. They are mostly in a major/minor key like all good Eastern European music. But the Middle Eastern rhythm section is extraordinarily propulsive. It reminds me in odd ways of some of the joyful and highly danceable guitar music of Zimbabwe. But it has a very European flavor. Russophiles will love it. Punks will love it. People who love English country dance music will love it. And if you buy it now you will own some of the best music on the planet that no one outside of Georgia (Sakartvelo) has ever heard. Sell your iPad buy this! Learn to dance the right way...!
Date Added: 11/09/2012 by Mamuka
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