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Bride wars


There’s a clear outbreak of tit-for-tat hostilities in Bride Wars, a catfight comedy with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway vying for the same Manhattan wedding slot.
The movie makes a ridiculous ass of itself, but as a run-for-the-hills endurance test for straight men everywhere, it’s almost fascinating.
The gals are best friends who have the question simultaneously popped, but neither will cave – it has to be the Plaza Hotel in June.
Witty put-downs aren’t their thing, or the script’s – instead we have Hudson switching her co-star’s spray-on tan to “blood orange”, and in turn having her hair dyed blue.
To be honest, it’s an improvement – with straight blonde tresses this long, Hudson looks like Cousin It from The Addams Family – but it’s never quite clear why they couldn’t just settle on a joint ceremony. They are – did I mention this? – best friends.
Date Added: 05/18/2013 by Piso
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