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My best friend’s wife tries to look at unfaithfulness in the life of couples after a long stay and the first spark dies.
Steve Meyers (John Stamos) convinces his wife Claire (Tara Westwood) of a swap with his childhood buddy Eric Meyer (Daniel London) to avoid infidelity in their relationship.
Meyers argues that after birth and free sexual experiences couples are tied up together in steady relationships. Boring albeit. The boredom may be eased by controlled infidelity!
On the other hand Eric Meyer finds it an uphill task to convince his sweetheart Ami (Meredith Salenger) of the swap plan.
When at last the swap happens the effect is felt in tension in their relationship and family.
Tension builds when Ami and Steve sleep together while Eric and Claire opt to be faithful.
The director Doug Finelli skillfully makes the story line to grip and the characters play their parts superbly to hold the viewer to the end.
The only thumbs down is that in African culture where sex in held in privately and least casual the movie only makes for an emotional fantasy.
Date Added: 11/06/2012 by Gilda
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