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Doug Finelli's romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wife stars John Stamos and Daniel London as best friends who, in order to spark up each of their sex lives, convince their wives to swap partners. The film charts the fallout from this fateful decision, displaying how sex affects each of the marriages and the friendships.

Pretty good for a low budget. Stamos and London give admirable performances along with Tony Roberts and a few unknowns (Anthony LaMagna, Tara Westwood). Some really funny scenes. This is a script we can all relate to since at one time or another most of us that are normal anyway have fantasized about a friends spouse and what one night would involve. Sounds delectable doesnt it? Well it is pretty good and its worth a look if you can find it. BlockBuster has carried about 1 copy and the advertising has been non existent. When the movie you really wanted is out of stock, rent this one. I take that back, rent it anyhow.
Date Added: 03/23/2018 by Piston
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