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Sakhioba - The best
[Audio CD]


An extraordinary musical weekend in the Berkshires, under the direction of three master teachers. Special emphasis on Georgian singing--but also with some great South African, Corsican and American folk songs. Malkhaz Erkvanidze, in the US at the end of a three-week tour with his Tbilisi-based choir, Sakhioba Folk Ensemble, is a world authority of Georgian polyphonic music; he will be teaching folk songs and coaching participants in Georgian instruments. Princeton doctoral candidate John Graham, a veteran of Village Harmony & Northern Harmony ensembles, will teach Georgian chants and offer workshops on improvisation and variations in Georgian singing. And Village Harmony co-director Patty Cuyler will add an exciting mix of other wonderful harmony traditions--dance songs from South Africa, amazing Corsican trio songs, and a few American shape-note songs--to the weekend.

MALKHAZ ERKVANIDZE is one of the world's foremost authorities on traditional Georgian folk and sacred music. Born in the central mountainous region of Imereti, Malkhaz grew up singing folk music in his family and with a local master-singer named Benia Mikadze. His unique background growing up in a family singing tradition allowed Malkhaz the opportunity to develop an ear for indigenous Caucasus tuning systems. A graduate of the Tbilisi State Conservatory, he has spent much of his professional life rescuing traditional Georgian orthodox chants suppressed under Soviet communism. His seven books of Georgian hymns and folk songs have been published with CDs,and he has written many articles about the distinctive musical structure of Georgian polyphony. In 1988 Malkhaz founded the Anchiskhati Choir, dedicated to preserving the authentic Georgian tuning system and traditional singing styles. Malkhaz currently teaches at the Tbilisi State Conservatory and consults for and directs numerous choirs, including Sakhioba Ensemble, with whom he has produced five albums. Malkhaz has been teaching with Village Harmony since 2003. Malkhaz and Sakhioba will have just finished a tour of the US eastern seaboard before the Berkshires weekend workshop.
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