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Like the movie itself, the .45 DVD is no real treat. I perfectly understand that small movies produced with a

minimal budget don’t require a gigantic special features section, but a filmmaker commentary is the least a disc

should comprise. For .45, this is the case.

Listening to writer-director Gary Lennon is remarkably refreshing, even though his commentary isn’t always

subtle and relevant. First, he briefly explains that the original inspiration behind .45 is the work of

legendary filmmaker Godard, who once said: “All you need is a girl and a gun to make a movie.” He moves on to

discussing how most of the locations in the film serve as individual characters and in what ways the choice of

music helps building the overall atmosphere. Guiding through most of the scenes with great insight, Lennon also

focuses on the importance of his cast and crew, and the filmmaking process as a whole; including shooting the

movie with a limited budget. For his first commentary, he does a pretty solid job in revealing additional

information about .45, even if that doesn’t help in making the movie any better.

Other than the commentary, the DVD only includes a compact trailer gallery showcasing new Thinkfilm releases. An

official trailer for .45 is furnished as well, but it regrettably scans through the whole movie and almost gives

away the ending. Be sure not to watch the trailer before you watch the feature film. With a commentary that is

likely more intriguing than the movie itself, the .45 DVD may serve as a satisfactory rental only in case you’ve

already worked your way through all the new major releases.
Date Added: 07/02/2013 by Steve Martin
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