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The girlfriend of a ruthless drug dealer attempts to strike out on her own, only to find that it isn't

easy to shake the grip of the most dangerous man in the city. Kat (Milla Jovovich) is a beautiful bad girl

whose hunger for danger has led her down a dark path in life. Despite having her every move dictated by her

dope-slinging boyfriend, Big Al (Angus MacFadyen), Kat longs take her fate in her own hands. Now, as Kat

begins to make her own deals on the street, Big Al's right-hand man (Stephen Dorff) professes that his

feelings for the increasingly independent moll run much deeper than she ever suspected. As tensions flair

and jealousy seethes, Kat and her newfound sidekick make a plan to take down Big Al -- and do whatever it

takes to claim his valuable territory.
Date Added: 05/17/2013 by Tony Zhang
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