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Emmanuelle in America

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For more global cult figures let's bring on Laura Gemser. Intent on ripping off Just Jaeckin's slick "Emmanuelle", a box office sensation and one of the biggest films of 1973, Italian producers had hired notorious hack director Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato to grind out a series of reasonably budgeted imitations. As photo journalist Emanuelle, with one letter m removed from the her name for copyright reasons, the gaselle-like Laura travelled the world exposing white slavery rings, conquering tribes of gutmunching cannibals and getting into trouble in monasteries populated by ravenous lesbian nuns. And getting "down" a lot of course.

Some of the Emanuelle films were slowmoving bores but some freed themselves from all restraints of taste with unusually wild abandon. The most alarming episode in the increasingly strange series was called "Emanuelle In America" (1976) in which usual titillation was mixed with genuinely jolting scenes of violence, hard-to-watch fake snuff footage filmed in such expertly ghastly manner that many still believe the butchering was done for real.

The scores for the Emanuelle films were penned by Nico Fidenco. He mixed typically loungey euro themes with the kind of afro-influenced bongo sounds that had been trademarks of earlier Italian luminaries Piero Umiliani and Armando Trovaioli. Nico added a stronger beat still to his signature tune, the haunting central theme of "Emanuelle In America". The result was pure eurodisco nirvana, totally sleazy, undeniably beautiful and essential material for your party. Luckily this gem plus several other fab tracks from the series have been re-issued on the Dagored label vinyl/cd realese "Black Emanuelle Groove". Daring video clips from the films themselves would no doubt add to the ambiance.
Date Added: 10/30/2012 by Rustaveli
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