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Emmanuelle 2

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When 1974’s Emmanuelle turned into a big hit, a sequel became inevitable. Actually, the producers of the original clearly planned on a series of flicks since they initially signed star Sylvia Kristel to a three-film contract. It didn’t take long for the next iteration to appear, as Emmanuelle 2 made it to screens in 1975.

Emmanuelle (Kristel) travels to visit her husband Jean (Umberto Orsini) in Hong Kong. As in the first movie, she meets a series of characters who lust after her, and she has sex with most of them. She develops a slightly more serious relationship with a young pilot named Christopher (Frederic Lagache), a guest at Jean’s house. They have an up and down connection that ends when Emmanuelle finds Christopher at a sex bar and gets disgusted with him. The film concludes with a sex-filled trip to Bali that finds Jean, Emmanuelle and sexy young Anna-Maria (Catherine Rivet) in a three-way.

Does that actually constitute a plot? Not really, and like the first movie, 2 feels like nothing more than a random series of events that act as an excuse to show lots of sex. Actually, the characters and situations of 2 seem a little better developed than those of the original. At least this one sporadically examines the topic of love triangles, though it doesn’t delve into them with any seriousness. The triangles exist more as a reason for three-ways than anything else.

As with the first movie, Emmanuelle 2 mostly just gives us a travelogue with sex. We see some decent skin at times, and I must admit the body shampoo sequence was pretty hot. Otherwise, 2 feels like a remake of the first film. Characters have sex or they talk about sex. Since Emmanuelle seemed dull, this one doesn’t maintain any greater interest.
Date Added: 05/16/2013 by Umberto Orsini
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