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Bachelor party Vegas

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Having seen all of those movies, and having nothing personal against Mr. Bernt, I must say this: Yikes.

BPV is about five guys who roam through all of Las Vegas, participating in a series of "wacky" adventures before

capping the night off with a finale I won't spoil -- but I will say this: If director David Fincher and

screenwriters John Broncato & Michael Ferris decide to file a plagiarism lawsuit against Eric Bernt, they'd have

some pretty strong evidence.

Anyway, the "wacky" adventures include paintball with hot sex as the first prize, a lap dance from an obese

slob, a casino heist, a porn shoot, a... You get the point.

There are very few laughs to be found amidst the silliness. My 2-star rating might be seen as a little bit

generous after you see the movie, but there's something about Donald Faison that always makes me laugh. Even in

the lamest flicks (King's Ransom, for example), Faison delivers a few chuckles -- and he does so here. Thank god

for small favors. The rest of the cast is a mixed bag, at best.

Front and center is Kal Penn, a guy who's been pretty amusing in stuff like American Pie and Harold and Kumar,

but he's clearly not an actor accustomed to elevating material this dim. As the allegedly likable groom-to-be,

Jonathan Bennett is as mildly charming as his character is blandly written. The rest of the party crew (in other

words, the fat one and the geek one) are borderline insufferable.

Peppered throughout the proceedings are folks like Lin Shaye, Daniel Stern, Vincent Pastore, and (in a bizarrely

pointless cameo) the lovely Jaime Pressly. None of the gimmick cameos contribute a whole hell of a lot. (Unless,

of course, your final goal in life is to see Kathy Griffin portray an Elvis impersonator / spaghetti wrestler.)

Produced by the guys who brought you "The Ultimate Fighting Championship" (which explains why UFC Champ Chuck

Liddell gets to play the flick's head thug, and poorly), Bachelor Party Vegas is 4 or 5 mild chuckles hidden

within 85 minutes of crotch & dildo schtick.
Date Added: 07/05/2013 by Daniel Stern
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