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Bachelor party Vegas

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With a title like Bachelor Party Vegas, you're at least getting truth in advertising. This is a raunchy,

near-plotless, direct-to-DVD experience, heavy on debauchery, nudity, off-color language, and the like.

Primarily it seems concerned with Farrelly brothers-style gross-out nekkidness: Old people, ugly people, talking

about their anatomy or rubbing themselves against our hapless bachelor partygoers, who fly to Vegas for the big

The event starts off with bikini-babe paintball game, moves on to a well-product-placed Golden Nugget casino,

and then detours to a porn set, a giant tub of spaghetti, a warehouse, jail, and more. American Pie-style antics

are rampant, though Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn is the only one of the boys you're likely to have ever seen

Here's the bottom line: Bachelor Party Vegas aims no higher than a Girls Gone Wild! video, and it basically hits

that mark. This is not high art: Lin Shaye in vinyl and Kathy Griffin as a "she-Elvis" pretty much guarantees

that. But its juvenile humor is surprisingly funny. Crass, yes, but I guffawed, out loud, more than a couple of

times. Even my wife had a chuckle or two. That's not to say there's much here that will appeal to a mass

audience or that you ought to consider renting it for that hot date, but if it's this or Red Shoe Diaries, I'd

suggest going with Vegas.
Date Added: 05/19/2013 by Moni Moshonov
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