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City of angels


The story is truly a romantic story, well crafted & suitable to be viewed by couples. In other words, a great movie to take your "special someone" to. Unfortunately, it has its flaws: language, nudity & sensuality, & the misrepresentation of God's holy beings called "angels." Of course, i knew, just by the previews, that Hollywood has once again twisted the godly to make it in a way, ungodly. But i decided to view the movie with the mindset that it's... only a movie. Like the whole fact that an angel would give up being an angel so he could have premarital sex with a human. Unlikely. But i don't want to sit here at the computer screen and just rip apart this fine movie. It wouldn't be right, but i just have a thing against this world's portrayal of the things that God has created and is holy. In this particular case: angels.

As far as the content goes... the language isn't too bad, but most of it is in the beginning of the film, so it starts out making you think, Oh no, not another Volcano! And for those of you who didn't see that horrible film, Volcano, the language was horrendous-- even for a PG-13 film. But amazingly enough, the word-choice softens and you can relax and resume eating your popcorn (although everyone can hear you eating over this rather quiet movie). As far as nudity goes... well, there's plenty of off-screen nudity. Like, the person is naked, but you only see their shoulders and up. But the worst comes when Maggie & Seth eventually have sex, and, well, it's quite elaborate. And what do I mean? Well, there's no nudity, but there is the classic heavy-breathing & Maggie showing Seth what it's like to "feel" (Maggie being a "pro"?). There's quite a bit of movement, but again-- no nudity. So, I do advise extreme caution in that there is quite a bit of sensuality and some adult innuendo. As far as blood/gore... there are numerous scenes in the operating room, where someone's insides are briefly shown (please see below for details), but it isn't all that bad. It is all rather tastefully done, though i believe they could have done without them showing you Maggie cutting into someone. It isn't extremely bad... but I cringed. Ouch. The movie actually has its funny times, many that you may not expect in a serious film like this. But it has its happy moments, its sad moments, its "cringe-because-he-should-have-cut-off-his-thumb" moments. So, you may want to consider what I have said & the below details before viewing this film.
Date Added: 10/19/2012 by zimbabwe
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