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Liegen lernen / Learning to Lie


A drama about a young man, Helmut and his relationships with women; and how his previous experiences are behind his present reluctance to commit himself. When his girlfriend, Tina tells him that she is pregnant, 32-year-old, Helmut bolts out of her life. Tina's parting question to him resounds in his head, i.e. why he is so commitment shy. Asking himself the same question, Helmut realises the answer lies in his past. As a teenager, he was infatuated and in love with his first girlfriend, a beautiful blonde named Britta. Helmut recalls his past and how he lost Britta. He then spent his twenties drifting in and out of relationships, trying to find a woman who could measure up to her. After much soul-searching, Helmut realises he does care about Tina, but he needs to lay the ghosts of the past to rest, resolving to see Britta one last time.
Date Added: 11/11/2012 by Gandhi
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