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Conversations with other women


An encounter between two people with a shared past and conflicting futures is played out on a split-

image screen in this offbeat drama. An unnamed man (Aaron Eckhart) and woman (Helena Bonham Carter) are

enjoying drinks and cigarettes in a hotel room after attending a wedding reception. At first, the two seem

to be playing a flirtatious game, as he cheerfully but confidently advances toward her, and she seems at

once attracted and put off by his bravado. Their pas de deux is shot and edited in split screen, with his

image appearing in one half of the divided frame and hers appearing in the other. As time wears on, the man

and woman begin crossing their appointed boundaries, and in some sequences one half of the frame represents

the present while the other shows us events in the past. We learn that the man and woman had a tempestuous

affair when they were in their late teens, and both are now committed to other people -- she has a husband,

while he has a steady girl. How will the experiences of their past affect their present, and are they

willing to betray their lovers for an evening's pleasure? Conversations With Other Women was the first

feature film from director Hans Canosa.
Date Added: 05/14/2013 by Rebecca
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