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That Italian horndog Tinto Brass (Deadly Sweet, Cheeky!) returns with another of his gorgeous softcore efforts. Anna Jimskaia stars as Marta, a horny wife whose love life has disintegrated since she was married to Dario (Max Parodi) a whole six months ago. At a museum, she meets a sexy stranger, Leon (Riccardo Marino), who instantly turns her on.
At the advice of her friend Sylvia (Nela Lucic), Marta seeks an affair with Leon, hoping that jealousy will rekindle her husband's lust. Leon turns out to be a bit of a pervert, but the weirder the sex becomes, the more Marta loves it.

This is a pretty typical Brass production, with some very lush cinematography (by Andrea Doria) and lots of zoom-ins on naked female derrieres. Marta wears skimpy, loose-fitting clothes wherever she goes, and they're always falling off. She gets naked and has sex any chance she gets.

One thing I like about Brass' women, however, is that they're the opposite of chiseled, tattooed, hardbody American porn stars; Brass' women are soft and sensual, the Russian-born Jimskaia included. However, the story here is incredibly shallow, a tad insulting, and more than just a little on the cruel side.

As always, Cult Epics released this film on DVD. It comes with a making-of featurette, a teaser for a new Brass film, and a trailer for Radley Metzger's Score (1974).

In 2011, Cult Epics added the film to Blu-Ray, which highlights the very lush cinematography. Extras are the same, but this edition includes a bonus disc with a new 16-minute short film, Kick the Cock, starring Brass himself as a lascivious old man ogling his half-naked kitchen maid. This disc comes with a making-of featurette, a trailer, footage of Brass at the Venice Film Festival, and other stuff.
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