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Yorick - The rest is silence (Limited Edition)


Tired, tormented, exhausted from life
Now all alone he walks through the park
No one never he had by his side
Happiness was hiding in the dark all the time

And now the earth claims back her own dust
The wind wants to take away his ashes

He hears some shabby recollections in mind
Maybe in memory hes got some secrets
He never ever had ever revealed
With it he will die and had always lived

November, cold, hes very old
Suddenly falls down on the leaves
Before his eyes ran all his life
He saw nothing just like before the birth

Yorick is Georgian Gothic/Gothic Metal band formed in Germany. Band's first album "The Rest of Silence" has released in 2004. I found very little information about the band, but I thought their style was interesting and thought that they needed some attention. Musically Yorick plays a blend of Emotional Gothic Rock with a touch of Metal, classical music and soundtrack inspired music. The album opens with the eight minute long titletrack The Rest Is Silence, a dreamy song with piano driven melody parts, string arrangements and dreamy beautiful singing by Thea Titvinidze. Yorick has a special style and it's difficult to compare their music with other bands, in my opinion they have their own style and throughout the album they take us through a musical landscape filled with different kinds of styles. The production and sound is good and natural something that lets the listener hear details from each instrument very good. Fairytale and Dracula is two of my favorite songs, nice piano playing, good vocals and the different instruments played in the songs makes them be special.

Дополнительно: Sophie Gibladze - Piano / სოფო ჯიბლაძე - პიანინო
Thea Titvinidze - Vocal / ტეა ტიტვინიძე - ვოკალი
Serge Shengelia - Guitar / სერგო შენგელია - გიტარა
Uta Kipiani - Voice, keyboard / უტა ყიფიანი - ვოკალი, კლავიშები
Kakha Abramishvili - Horn, bass / კახა აბრამიშვილი - საყვირი, ბასები
Lev Asatiani - Drums / ლეო ასათიანი - დოლი

Исполнитель: Yorick
Альбом: The rest is silence
Страна: Грузия
Жанр: Symphonic Gothic Rock
Дата выхода: 2004
Формат аудио: CD
Битрэйт: 192 - 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:44:55


1. The Rest Is Silence
2. 1873.XI.28-1873.XII.04
3. My Soul Is Dark
4. Fairytale
5. At Supper
6. Dracula
7. Lullaby
8. In The City
9. Somewhere - Out There

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