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Adila (CD v.2)


Affiliated with Kutaisi State Technical University, the ensemble was founded in 2001 and it unites 12 university students at present.

In 2006 it was united technical unuversity of Kutaisi named by Niko Muskhelishvili  and the state unuversiti named by Akaki Tsereteli, that's why full name of ensemble is folk ensemble "Adila" of the state university of kutaisi named by Akaki Tsereteli (State University of Akaki Tsereteli in Kutaisi).

The Art Manager of  the ensemble is Mr. Maizer Gazdeliani - a recepient of the Order of Dignity, a Laureate of International Festival  Competitions and a  soloist of Georgian State Ensemble of Songs and Dances called "Kutaisi".

The repertoire of Adila revives the folklore of all regions of Geogia including Imeretian "Sakhumaro", Lechkhumian "Makruli", Svanetian "Perkhuli", Kakhetian "Sachidao", Mengrelian "Chela" and "Kuchkhi Bedineri", Adjarian "Makruli", etc. Its members  have also mastered the art of playing popular Georgian intruments, like Panduri, Chonguri, Gudastviri, Doli, Daira, Diplipito, Chiboni, and others.

ADILA's Members are :

1. Kasrashvili Akaki
2. Kvantrishvili Gela
3. Nemsveridze Giorgi
4. Avalishvili Lasha
5. Kochivari Shota
6  Dixamidze Giorgi
7. Khurtsia Givi
8. Mirian Gazdeliani
9. Nemsveridze Daviti
10. Ediberidze Giorgi
11. Berekashvili Gurami
12. Merkviladze Rati

Ensemble ?Adila? first appeared on stage at the Student Festival, June 12, 2001. In 2002 the group participated in Poti Folk Music Festival named after D. Lolua. Consequently, Adila became the Laureate and a special prize owner. During October 10-12, 2003, the ensemble took part in International Festival of Georgian Folk Songs held in Khobi, where Adila was in favor of folklore experts. Nominated as the best among the young groups, the ensemble received a special prize - Diploma and Golden Medal.

Kutaisi City Hall Culture Department awarded Adila the Diploma and announced it the best young ensemble of Imereti Region.

In June 2004, Adila participated in the International Bagpipe Festival, held in Netherlands.

It is a goal of Adila to learn and preserve folk music, popularize and raise the awareness of popular folk songs and instruments as a part of cultural legacy. The ensemble members are also deeply concerned to please the listeners with original performance of folk music. As a part of our short-term goals, we strive for restoring old songs and records, elaborating and performing the rare models of Georgian folklore. This is partly attributed to the fact that each member is from different part of Georgia and they come up with the authentic folk records peculiar to each region. Above all, they search for distinguished performers.

The choirmaster M. Gazdeliani is a craftsman of folk instruments. He is at the same time very actively involved in searching for scientific and objective imagery material. He considers it crucial to study ancient Georgian folk instruments and their exquisite craftsmanship as an indivisible part of national culture and   heritage.

Artist: Adila / ადილა 
Album: ალბომი  II
Format: Audio CD 
Tracks: 5


1. Afxazuri / აფხაზური 2:49
2. Javro / ჯავრო 1:39
3. Jvaris mtvirtvelo / ჯვარის მტვირთველო 1:09
4. Makruli oriraivo / მაყრული ორირაივო 1:08
5. Sartfostan / სატრფოსტან 1:00

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