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Myths of my childhood

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Название: Мифы моего детства
Год выхода: 2005
Жанр: Комедия, Драма, Отечественный
Режиссер: Юрий Фетинг
В ролях: Денис Касимов, Клим Звездин, Ирина Патракова, Анжелика Неволина, Иван Тельнов, Вера Липсток, Любовь Макеева, Татьяна Рассказова, Александр Петров, Вера Чмелева, Стас Власов, Даша Чернова, Олег Гладких, Ростислав Матвеев, Владимир Кремнев
О фильме: Действие этой поэтической картины разворачивается в маленьком поселке на берегу Азовского моря в начале 1960-х годов. Подростки страстно мечтают о любви, о которой пока знают только из рассказов "бывалых" людей. 15-летний Игнат первый узнает настоящее чувство. Его любовь к прекрасной авантюристке, выдающей себя за столичную Певицу, становится губительной. Это история первой любви и предательства... В ткань фильма вплетены смешные и невероятные местные легенды и мифы, связанные с культом античных поселений. Три тысячелетия назад на месте этого приморского поселка находился алтарь языческой Богини Смерти и местные жители до сих пор верят, что каждые сто лет она возвращается сюда за новыми жертвами.
Выпущено: Кинокомпания Север
Продолжительность: 1:41
Видео: DVDRip; 608x368; XviD; 25 fps; 924 Кбит/с
Звук: Русский; 2 ch; mp3; 48 kHz; 96 Кбит/с
Movie Title: Myths of my childhood
Released: 2005
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Domestic
Length: 1:41
Directed by: Yuri Feting
Starring: Denis Kasimov, Clim Zvezdin, Irina Patrakova, Angelika Nevolina, Ivan Telnov, Lipstok Faith, Love Makeyev, Tatiana Rasskazova, Alexander Petrov, Vera Chmeleva, Stanislav Vlasov, Dasha Chernova, Oleg Gladkikh, Rostislav Matveyev, Vladimir Kremnev
About the film: The action of this poetic film is set in a small village on the Azov Sea coast in the early 1960's. Teens passionately dream of love, which so far only know from stories of "experienced" people. 15-year-old Ignat first to know the real feeling. His love for the beautiful adventuress, posing as metropolitan singer becomes destructive. This is the story of first love and betrayal ... In the woven fabric of the movie funny and incredible local legends and myths associated with the cult of ancient settlements. Three millennia ago in place of this seaside village was the altar of a pagan goddess of death and the locals still believe that every hundred years she has returned here for new victims.
Yuri Feting was a theatrical producer, co-author of the TV program "The View". Gained fame as a screenplay writer and director of the movie "Christmas Mystery" and several episodes of "Cops".
The screenplay, which is a poetic reinterpretation of childhood memories directed and written by him in 1998 with the participation of Andrei Kravchuk. In the same year won the screenplay prize at the All-Russian contest "On the banks of the Neva fascinating."
The project has received state support and a national film, then 7 years waiting for incarnation on the screen. The film is based on the Azov Sea coast - in the very places that are connected which caused him to life memories and legends.

Many roles are played by amateurs - people of the surrounding towns and villages, organically entered into the intimate world of mythological past.

The film concerns eternal themes: love and death, friendship and betrayal, a painful farewell to childhood, the reliability of memory, but it touches them easily, with the inherent warmth of the director's nostalgic and lively, inventive sense of humor.

"Myths of My Childhood" create your own fantastical world with grotesque characters inhabiting the memories of the author. Yuri Feting guided by their children's diaries, but with all due respect to domestic detail, recreating their own rather childish feelings and fantasies.

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